Monday, December 12, 2011


Ok so I'm only a month late posting this, but better late than never. We had such a fun Halloween this year, I just had to share. It was Sparkle's first Halloween going trick-or-treating. I really wanted us to go as the Flintstones this year, but since we sold the house I found myself with no time to make the costumes and the sewing machine was one of the first things to get packed. So what to do....hmmmm.....we had a LOT of moving boxes so I made use of one of them and dressed up Sparkle as a Christmas present. Her costume turned out so cute! She was the hit of the neighborhood :) It's amazing what you can create for under a dollar!!

Thor just wore Sparkle's duck costume from last year. I was really suprised it fit, considering she was 9 months when she wore it, and he was only 3!

As for the hubby and I?? I rummaged through the costume bin and came up with a pirate for me and the hubby wore a cowboy hat.... oh well at least we tried :) We'll have time to be more creative next year.

Sparkle didn't really grasp the concept of trick-or-treating. She loved wearing her costume and got really good at saying "trick or treat"and but when it was show time she clammed up. She was really dumbfounded when a guy all decked out as Captain Jack Sparrow answered the door :)

She enjoyed walking around the neighborhood dragging her plastic Walmart bag (yep we waited until the last day and couldn't find a pumpkin :() and finally eating her chocolate. Thor slept the whole time and missed all the fun. Ahhhh....I love Halloween. It's so much funner with kids!