Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spice of Life

In my household we LOVE to Eat! Indian, Vietnamese and Thai are some of our favorites but lately our budget is not allowing frequent trips to our favorite Pho restaurant, so we have decided to make a more concentrated effort at learning how to prepare our favorite dishes at home. Maybe when I've perfected them I'll post some recipes.....I'm not quite at that stage yet.

One thing that has been supremely helpful and needed is a customized and readily accessible spice rack. I wish I had before pictures of what our spices looked like. But let me just tell you, it was a MESS! We had all different sizes of spice jars, unlabeled plastic baggies full of spices (smell and take your best guess). Just opening the spice cupboard gave me a headache.
We solved the problem with a basket (16"x8"), 36 clear spice jars (Bed, Bath & Beyond) and color coded labels. Plus storage containers so we can keep spices in bulk. Now we are in spice heaven!
I love opening the spice cupboard to admire the neatness and order of it.
I recommend NEVER buying spices in those little containers you find at your local grocery store. We have a few still that we are trying to use up. I suggest buying your spices in bulk at Winco, Maceys etc... We also find great deals on hard to find spices at local ethnic markets. You can buy huge bags of spices at a fraction of the cost.

I also love that this basket of spices fits in a drawer right next to my stove, making it so easy to pull out when I'm cooking.